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FREE Gas for Ad Space on Cars

Would you use your car as a billboard to get free gas? Some New York drivers are doing just that!

Company to Provide Free Gas
By Headline News

(CNN) A California company is offering relief from soaring gas prices with an innovative new program. By placing advertiser messages on their vehicles, participants receive free gas...

Advertisers appeal to motorists with free gas gimmick
By ABC News

(ABC) Peter Chen never thought his minivan would become a driving billboard.
When he heard carrying an advertisement on his car would help him carry his gas costs it was a no brainer. He found the deal at, where drivers are teamed up with advertisers willing to pay up to $150 a month for your gas.


How To Get Gas For Free
That's Right, Free! Susan Koeppen Fills You In

(CBS) There may be no free lunch, but there is free gas! 
The Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen says it's as close as your nearest computer. And with gas prices topping out above $3 and the summer driving season just around the corner, her report comes in the nick of time. 


Gas Savings Inventions

If you drive more than a thousand miles per month, you could be eligible for savings on gas. A California-based company called is looking for drivers across the country who are willing to post advertisements on their cars

Want Free Gas? Here's a way!

(Columbia) - If you've been feeling the pain at the pump, there may be some relief in sight.

If you drive more than 1,000 miles per month, you could be eligible for savings on gas., a California-based company, is looking for drivers willing to post advertisements on their cars in exchange for free gas cards.

Free Gas help!

An internet company has come up with a novel way to help you save money at the pump. helps you cut your fuel bill by paying you to turn your car into a rolling billboard.

Interested in free gas for a year?

By ABC7 News is a specialty advertisement and promotion company that connects businesses with drivers willing to display their ads on their vehicles.

Are you eligible for free gas?

-Consumers are trying different ways to beat the pain at the pump. Some are even turning their cars into billboards in order to receive free gas.. 

Get free gas with ads on your car

A California-based company says this is no scam and there's no catch to get free gas!All you have to do is turn your car into a mobile billboard. The company offers about $33 a month to start off with two magnets on your doors. But you could earn up to $200 a month depending on what kind of car you have and how much you drive.

Drive For Free Gas

An online company is giving you the chance to fill up your car for free but there's a catch - your ride must become a moving billboard. The company is Company officials say if you drive more than 1,000 miles a month and agree to advertise on your car for one of the company's partners, you'll be sent a gas card every month..

Gas prices may be going through the roof, but some people are getting their gas for free

How? By turning their cars into rolling billboards! Here’s what we found out from CBS News: There’s a website called, and it pairs up drivers with advertisers. To qualify for the program, you need to drive at least a thousand miles a month, your car has to be in good condition, and you must be the registered, fully-insured owner.

Company Offering Free Gas

With prices the highest they've been, the idea of free gas? It sounds better than ever. Well, that may be a reality, with a catch. A new concept has been launched by an advertising company out of California, and there's people here in mid-Michigan who are now being paid to drive their own vehicles

Some Houston drivers could qualify for free gas 
By Wendell Edwards / 11 News

(Which way are gas prices going? KHOU-TV
Having the sign on his truck will earn Ywaine Spiner around $27 each month.It’s like some big adventure everyday for drivers, as they search for the lowest gas prices. How does free gas sound? You could be eligible. When Ywaine Spiner bought his Ford F-150 last year he underestimated how much gas would really cost. 


Advertisers play off gas prices-Vehicles are used as rolling billboards
Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle 

Ywaine Spiner spends about $350 a month on gasoline.So as soon as he heard of a way to get free gas by turning his white truck into a rolling billboard, he signed up.

A program is coming to Houston, looking for eligible drivers who want to use their vehicle as a rolling billboard in exchanged for gas money.

Driver advertises for eBay for free gas 

When Nancy Daily drives, she advertises for an eBay resale service and earns gas money for herself. "The way prices are on gas right now, I'm very interested in keeping my expenses down," she says. 

Pumped up to get free gas? Hurry —ad campaign’s filling up fast
By Andrew J. Manuse/ Metrowest Daily News

Motorists running on empty as gas prices soar can fight for free fuel under an advertising campaign being imported to Greater Boston’s choking traffic jams in a matter of weeks. will soon offer gas gift cards in exchange for motorists sticking ads on their vehicles. And, if you have a gas-hogging Hummer, you’ll really fill up.


Web Site Offers Gas For Ads- Company Says It'll Provide Gas Cards

BOSTON -- Looking to get some free gasoline? Well, it might just be a mouse-click away -- if you live in California. The Web site is offering drivers incentives for placing ads on their cars. The site services drivers in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County. The reward comes in the form of gas cards. According to the Boston Herald the Web site will give you $30 a month toward gasoline for just placing ads on your hub caps or for putting 12-inch-by-24-inch magnet on your doors. 

Need Gas? They’ve Got You Covered
By Andrew J. Manuse/ Daily News Staff

An ad agency is betting Massachusetts motorists will be willing to sell a piece of their wheels for gas money. In late May or early June, will start paying motorists in Greater Boston up to $200 a month in gas station debit cards to drive to and from work or anywhere else for that matter with advertisements affixed to their vehicles, according to Mel Jacob, a spokesman for the Oceanside, Calif., company. 


Michael Amico has a secret weapon in the war on sky-high gas prices: his 10-mpg Hummer. The Brooklyn demolition contractor has turned his gas guzzler into a billboard in return for gas-station debit cards of up to $200 a month. Amico, of Bensonhurst, struck a deal this month with, an Oceanside, Calif.-based ad agency that pairs car owners with companies looking to get extra mileage out of their advertising campaigns. 

February 28, 2006 Who Wants Free Gas?

Everyone has something to say about high gas prices. Mel Jacob, managing partner at , an Oceanside, CA, based advertising and promotion company, is doing something about it. The company connects businesses with folks willing to display their ad messages on their vehicles. They provide a unique solution that benefits both business and consumers alike. FreeGasHelp came about as a brainchild of 4auctionHELP, an auction drop off company, selling items on eBay for its customers. 4auctionHELP needed exposure, so the company purchased a van with 4auctionHELP advertising displayed on it. Business increased dramatically from this consistent advertising. People would see the van and call or stop in at 4auctionHELP's storefront. It worked so well, the company purchased another van, which again increased sales.   

February 22, 2006 Turn your car into a moving billboard!

Oceanside, CA--San Diegans are getting a little relief on the roadways thanks to an Oceanside company that’s giving drivers free gas if they'll turn their cars into moving billboards. READ MORE>>>

February 21, 2006- Going places where no advertisement has gone before

Now that we're into the NASCAR season, we should pay homage to the drivers and their cars as the ultimate expression of perhaps the quintessentially American pursuit. READ MORE>>>

February 20, 2006- WHDH TV, Boston MA- California company, called is connecting commuters with advertisers.

Prices may be high at the pump...but there's a new way to fill up your tank without emptying your wallet. READ MORE>>>

February 8, 2006- PRNewswire- Drive for Free Gas

Everyone has something to say about high gas prices., based in Oceanside, CA, a new and innovative advertising and promotion company, is doing something about it. The company connects businesses with folks willing to display their ad messages on their vehicles. READ MORE>>>

January 26, 2006- OCEANSIDE, Calif. -Advertising On Cars Fuels Free Gas Idea

Gas prices are on the rise and are now averaging about $2.54 a gallon, but a North County company is offering to pay for your gasoline. READ MORE>>>

January 7, 2006- Oceanside Company Exchanges Gas for Vehicle Ad Space
By Heather Chambers 

OCEANSIDE — For the past three months, Vista resident Tim Kataras, 54, has been driving across town with a decal on the rear window of his minivan advertising air purification systems. READ MORE>>>

January, 2006- NBC San Diego TV Promotion

A local company wants to pay you to advertise their business, but they don't want to pay in dollars, they want to pay in gas.